Where to buy Périgord Truffles Direct: Discover Sorges in the Dordogne!

Périgord truffles, those much sought-after gastronomic gems, are a treasure trove of French cuisine. Their rich aroma and exceptional flavour make them a must-have ingredient for chefs the world over. If you're a fan of Périgord truffles, or if you're looking to discover them, it's essential to know where to find them directly. In this article, we invite you to explore Sorges in the Dordogne, a place where you can buy Périgord truffles direct from local producers.

At the Source of Périgord Truffles

Sorges, a charming commune in the Périgord region of the Dordogne, is renowned for its truffle production. Here, Périgord truffles are grown and harvested by passionate local producers. If you're looking to buy truffles direct from producers, Sorges is the place to do it.

Why buy Truffles du Périgord direct from Sorges?

  1. Freshness Guaranteed When you buy Périgord truffles from Sorges, you're guaranteed freshness. The truffles are harvested locally and sold directly by the producers, which means they have not travelled long distances.
  2. Meet the Producers Buying direct gives you the opportunity to meet producers, discuss truffle growing and learn more about the passion behind the trade. You'll be able to ask questions and gain a deeper understanding of the production process.
  3. Supporting the local economy By buying Périgord truffles from Sorges, you are supporting the local economy and helping to preserve this precious culinary tradition.

Where can I buy Périgord Truffles in Sorges?

If you're looking for quality Périgord truffles direct from Sorges, our site is the place to go. As passionate local producers, we offer fresh, authentic Périgord truffles. Our location in the Périgord region, in the heart of truffle growing, guarantees that you will receive truffles of the highest quality.

When you buy truffles On our site, you can be sure of receiving a top-quality product, straight from the source. We offer a variety of fresh truffles, from Tuber melanosporum to Tuber aestivum, to suit your culinary needs.

How to buy on our site

Buying truffles on our site is simple and convenient. You can browse our selection, choose the quantity that suits you, and place your order in complete security. We ship our truffles straight to your door, guaranteeing their freshness.

If you're looking for quality Périgord truffles, direct from local producers, look no further. Discover the unique flavour of the Périgord truffle and support the truffle-growing tradition of Sorges in the Dordogne by buying from our site.


When it comes to buying Périgord truffles direct, Sorges in the Dordogne is the ideal destination. Don't miss the chance to discover and enjoy this unique culinary delight, direct from passionate local producers. Order your fresh truffles on our website and enjoy the quintessence of French cuisine.

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